Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Marco Polo Sandwich

Ok, I seek a really obscure reference here. In the mid 70's in Pittsburgh I used to get a vegetarian sandwich that I remember to this day. Possibly in Squirrel Hill or Oakland, but I just can't place it now. Anyway, I do remember that it was a Marco Polo sandwich. More than one place carried this. It was miso and tahini spread on good artisan wheat bread. It came with slices of cucumber and then here is where it gets tricky. It had lemon juice and perhaps garlic. Maybe some sprouts or perhaps a tomato. Lovely wonderful memorable hard to eat sandwich. Filled your soul.

I have made variations on this theme for years, so I am really straining my old brain to come up with some details. I wish I knew where I was served this concoction. Also what exactly came on it - uh, standard (did it have onions?). Lastly, if you have any recipe that sounds like this but is called a Marco Polo, I would like to know about it. I am not interested in dips, sauces or dressings. I have recipes for miso tahini spread. I am seeking the Marco Polo, specifically. I know I saw it in some recipe book along the way but lost the book/brain link years ago.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Seeking name - Murraya plant type

I have a lovely smelling plant in my backyard and I seek help with identification. I believe it is a type of Orange Jasmine or Jessamine. That would make it some type of Murraya but here is the problem. I don't get berries and after looking at thousands of photos of flowers, mine seem quite different. All the local garden people could tell me is that it is quite a rare plant. Ah...

Please note the size of the flowers and the height of the centers. Notice the amount of pollen on the leaves. Thick green leaves and large clusters of flowers. Oh, it smells heavenly and I wish I could capture the scent. It blooms once a year in NM, usually the beginning of June. I would love to know how to propagate it too. But first, a name. I seek the type of Murraya, so if you know, please jump in here.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kureyon experiments continue

Well, I have tested many, but concluded that the closest breed to Kureyon I have found is Columbia. However, my dye experiments felted both batches a bit so my spinning really was lousy. I got singles and they appear to corkscrew, but lay perfectly flat when knit. They are too thin. I think if I start from the fleece, dye, then card, I will be getting better results. I take it as a good sign that the Columbia wants to felt so well. The 'closed eye feel test' tells me the fiber is the same. And plucking a single fiber from both yarns are perfectly alike.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lazy Kate - question

What is your favorite kate?

I have built a ton and own a Schacht and Ashford. I still get wicked spin-back and sometimes snap my yarn, especially when reeling it off to wash it.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Seeking HELP - needle conversion/tension

I have been searching through all my links and paper bits but cannot find something that I know is out there. I SEEK a knitting needle / knitting machine tension conversion chart for standard and mid-gauge.

For example, if the pattern calls for a size 6(US) needle, about a 4.25 mm in English sizes depending on brand, will this fit on my standard gauge knitting machine? If so, what number on the tension dial do I start my swatching? Is there an approximate conversion. And what number on the mid-gauge?

Also, I wonder if the two machines can be correlated. For example, what number on the mid-gauge is a number 9 on the standard? Is there a way to calculate this? Do I add so much for every notch on the tension dial or something?

Please, if you know any part of these answers, please comment here. If this doesn't exist yet, we can keep a repository of the conversion numbers here. So to all machine knitters, this is a call for help and info.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Elizabeth Zimmermann mystery shawl

This is from Knitter's #58, Spring 2000, "Remembering Elizabeth". What I'd like to know is if anyone recognizes this shawl. Does it appear in any of her books or pamphlets? Any idea about it's shape - rectangular or curved? I seek any info you might have on it's structure.

If I had to guess about materials, I would assume we are looking at a double strand of Shetland jumper weight yarn in a garter structure. Somewhere around a #4 or 5 needles perhaps. She was diminutive so I could be wrong about the gauge.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Noro Kureyon part 3

This is the Kureyon I have been examining, #102. I measured my skein roughly using a fingertip to chest measure and then I would tie off to hold that spot. My length is approx 30" and I list by lengths in the order I found the colors.

So, 9 = 9*30=270" or 22.5 ft or 7.5 yds.

Kureyon is listed as having 109 yards per 50 g skein according to Yarndex. My rough measurement got me 94.6 yards, so I must have varied a bit in my fingertip to chest measurement, but not much.

If I use color alone as a criterion, I would try reproducing the feltable Kureyon with a feltable Romney. Elemental Affects has a great selection of color blends that would lend itself well to this application. They have the half mixed colors that make the wonderful transitions you see in this yarn.

orange 9
hot pink 9
light pink 9
magenta 9
orangey pink 10
orange yellow 9
peachy pink 9
lavender 9.5
blue/green/lavender/orange 7
salmon 8
orange 9
blue 10
blue pink 6
end of skein.

There was a knot at the beginning of the blue/green/lavender/orange mixed section, probably foreshortening that section.